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Before there was Google, there was HotBot. Before HotBot there was Alta Vista.  Before that? I don’t really know but that’s okay. This post is not a history lesson in the birth and development of Internet search engines.  What I do wish to write about is how link building has influenced a website’s popularity for as long as there has been an Internet search engine.

A local business that maintains a website to draw customers can benefit greatly by having many links pointing to its site. Why is this important? The most obvious reason is that new customers discover you by following the links that lead to your site.  Another important reason for having these links is that search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Ask refer to them as a measure in determining your site’s relevance.

If your website has strong relevance it’s bound to positively influence its page rank and that’s where you see the results you want to, i.e. your website link near the top of an organic search results index.

If you’re like me, I barely make it past page 3 when searching for a service on the Internet. Everyone wants to show up at the top but a lot of work needs to be done to get your site there. This is why SEO spending is so huge. Companies, including local businesses, often pay Internet marketing agencies to conduct back linking activities to help yield top page results.

Newcomers to Intenet marketing practices need to know that  linking (AKA back-linking) is not science. No special degrees are required to do the work. If you’re a small business owner, have a website, a little time, and a tight budget, you can do this yourself. The only hard part is figuring out where to post your URL. Finding the right locations on the Internet can be cumbersome. The trick is finding articles, blogs, DIGGs, Tweets, and Yahoo Q&A that relate to your business and then adding an appropriate comment with your link. The comment you write is most effective when it includes keywords that are associated to content on your site.

What may be frustrating is that the software Internet search tools (like Google) use to rank your site is not forgiving. If you post 50 links one month and none the next it won’t help you in your climb to get to the top.  Now you’re thinking, “Hey, it’s not rocket science but it looks like it will take a good chunk of my time and I have an actual business to run. Forget it.” Before you cut and run, know that Boostability is in the business of making back linking easy.

We’ve eliminated all the guess work. Our DIY SEO tools, including the back linking component, have been designed to arm you with what you need to successfully run an SEO campaign, including effective back linking. Our developers have constructed a system that will automatically generate connections to relevant locations where you can post your link. The tool will even guide you in inserting comments with appropriate keywords.

Utilizing our web-based software can make monthly, consistent back linking a concievable, ongoing practice.  The result can ultimately lead to  your page landing near the top of the search results list.

For more information, check out what we have to offer on our website at, or send an email to [email protected]




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