A good email campaign can help you reach a global audience with ease. In most cases, your email audience is already engaged with your company, which means they’re highly receptive to your messaging. With electronic communications, it’s also easy to measure your success by how many click throughs you get. Finally, one of the top advantages of using marketing through emails is the low cost. Even startups can usually afford to market in this way.

Unfortunately, email marketing also tends to become one of the most stagnant marketing approaches. This is because people who use it fail to understand the importance of updating their email templates. The most effective campaigns are usually those that switch templates every so often. This keeps their communications fresh. Here are a few signs it’s time to throw out your old template and use a new one for a while.


Your Click-Through Rate Is Dropping

When you launched your email campaign, you probably had the main goals of gaining more loyal customers and increasing sales. To do these things, potential buyers need to not only open your emails but click on the links in them as well. If your click-through rate is dropping, the template you’re using is no longer working. Time to toss it out and upgrade to a more engaging design. This advice also holds true if your click-through rate is holding steady, but it’s below average for most businesses in your industry. This simple chart can give you some good insight into the average click rate for various industries:

  • Agriculture and food services: 2.69%
  • Beauty and personal care: 1.75%
  • Business and finance: 2.59%
  • Consulting: 2.15%
  • Ecommerce: 2.07%
  • Entertainment and events: 2.19%
  • Health and fitness: 2.18%
  • Media and publishing: 4.55%
  • Social networks: 3.16%
  • Travel and transportation: 2.00%

As an ecommerce business, if your click rates are around 2%, you’re doing pretty well. If they’re higher, give yourself a pat on the back and keep doing what you’re doing. If they’re lower, it may be time to change your template and improve the quality of your copy.


Your Template Is Ancient

Have you been using the same handy email template for years? If so, it was probably time to update it months ago. Even if there isn’t anything wrong with it, you don’t want to become too predictable and dull. Digital marketing techniques change by the day, and your email templates should change along with them. That doesn’t mean you should change your voice or branding. Those two things should remain consistent. But some change is good, especially if it involves updating a tired, overused email template.

One good way to find out if your customers enjoy your email formats or find them dull is to send out a survey. Keep it short and sweet to maximize participation. Ask simple questions like “What do you like about the emails you’ve been receiving from us?” and “What would you like to see in future emails?”  As the feedback starts pouring in, you’ll get valuable insights. You’ll learn which aspects of your current email marketing templates your readers like and which ones they don’t. You may also see a spike in open rates (and hopefully click-through rates). After all, your customers will be eager to see if you use any of their suggested changes.


Your Emails Aren’t Mobile Responsive

Did you know that more than half of all email click-to-open (CTO) rates happen on mobile devices? So if your emails aren’t currently mobile responsive, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to reach a wider audience. Despite this trend, only an estimated 17% of marketers use mobile responsive designs. While this is bad news for those who underestimate the power of mobile responsive templates, it could be good news for you. If you use mobile responsive email marketing and your competition doesn’t, you give yourself an advantage.


You Aren’t Targeting Your Demographics

Do you send the same email template to various audiences? Or, even worse, do you write emails that appeal to you without considering whether they appeal to your demographic? If your target audience is not composed of people like you, you’re taking the wrong approach. The same is true if you intentionally  send the same email to multiple demographics.

What if you don’t even know who your target audience is? Stop what you’re doing and create your ideal customer profile. To do this, you’ll need to visualize your typical customer. Use your imagination and try to identify the following information:

  • What age and gender is your customer?
  • Why does he or she need or want your service or product?
  • What are this person’s main points or problems, and how can your products solve them?

Once you have your ideal customer profile, you can target this imaginary person in most of your electronic communications. However, most businesses try to appeal to multiple demographics. To do this, you’ll need to delve further into the various demographics that want your product. Here are a few ways to segment your audience by demographic:

  • Family type and size
  • Income
  • Geographic location
  • Ethnicity
  • Gender

If you know you have multiple demographics, write separated, targeted emails to each one. A laid-back email full of slang and trendy language might appeal to college students. However, the same communication may be off-putting to a more refined, mature audience.


Upgrade Your Marketing Approach

Most business owners aren’t experts in marketing, so don’t feel bad if your approach is currently falling short. Instead, take action by relying on professional content creation services to help you achieve your goals. Are you looking for exceptional email marketing ideas? Or do you need help optimizing your website for search? Boostability can help. Claim your free website analysis or call us directly to discover how to take your business to the next level.