With the holiday season already in full swing, holiday marketing campaigns are also out in full force. Whether you started planning back in July, or are just getting around to the idea of a special marketing effort for the final weeks of the year, we’ve collected our best marketing posts from the past few years to help you get going. Grab yourself a cup of cocoa and let’s dive in to our favorite holiday marketing ideas.


4 Holiday Marketing Campaigns That Could Lead You to Your Next Breakthrough (November 2018)

The end-of-year holidays bring marketing campaigns out of the woodwork (or gingerbread-work?). Figuring out your own marketing campaign for this busy season requires some strategy, but our writer Jacob Bear lays it all out. While he reminds us that you should ideally plan holiday marketing campaigns several months in advance, the tactics he shares can be used in just about any season.

One of Jacob’s best holiday marketing ideas is the concept of “Tradition Plus” campaign. Because the holiday season is steeped in tradition for many people, brands can also capitalize on that habit. Creating a campaign that returns year after year is pretty impressive to consumers, and requires less work on your part. But that’s where the “plus” part comes in. Rolling out something new and exciting within a well-known tradition is key to retaining consumers. If they know what to expect—and part of what they suspect is a surprise—you’ll have mastered the art of retention for seasons on end.

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The 2018 Holiday Marketing Survival Guide (November 2018)

The holiday season can cause even the most well-planned among us to crack. The steep workload in such a compressed amount of time is enough to drive anyone crazy. Luckily, our content manager Kristine Pratt gives you some easy ways in this survival guide.

Kristine’s article has lots of shrewd insights, but one of her best is this: make gift cards into something special. While consumers may be fearful of something as impersonal as a gift card, there are ways to make this catch-all present seem more thoughtful. Creating promotional cards with a holiday design or featuring a personalized element to go along with it can make gift cards the perfect gift. Celebrate the freedom that a gift card can be, rather than treating it like a last-ditch attempt because you forgot to get something better.

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Happy Holidays—Now Get Marketing!

While the holiday season can be one of the most complex marketing periods of the year, it’s also one of the most rewarding. Use these holiday marketing ideas and find new ways to connect to customers, bring in the (cookie) dough, and finish 2019 with a bang.

And be sure to rest up—2020 is right around the corner, and Boostability has some pretty exciting stuff hiding up our proverbial sweater sleeves!


Madeline is a former content specialist for Boostability.