Instagram has released an update that allows brands to make their posts shoppable. This enables users to purchase products more easily, something that users and brands alike have been requesting from Instagram for some time now. Businesses can tag up to five products in every organic post.

How It Works

When users click a shoppable post, they will see a tag with the name and price of the product. By clicking the tag, they will arrive at another page with more product details, as well as similar items and other shoppable posts from the brand. There is also a “Shop Now” link, which take users to the product page on the business’s website.

Brands who want to use the feature must sync their product catalog with Facebook Shop. Instagram is then able to pull information, including the backlink to the business’s website, from Facebook. After you’ve done that, shoppable posts are simple to set up.

The intention of the feature is to create a more seamless experience on Instagram. Shoppers can find all the information they need on a product to make a purchase decision without needing to switch to another app or website. The best news for brands is that shoppable posts are free and Instagram takes no commission from sales.

Already Expanding

Just a couple days after Instagram announced the update, the platform added capabilities for shoppable posts in eight more countries. Now, in addition to the U.S., the shopping feature is available to business accounts in Canada, Australia, the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, and Brazil.

Future updates will focus on improving usability of the feature after Instagram has seen how users engage with the posts. Instagram also plans to offer a paid option later on to allow brands to promote their shoppable posts.



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