Businesses looking to master local SEO often ask,  “How do I show up for a certain city?” or “How do I increase the radius my business shows up for on Google Places?” can show  There are many factors that go into the algorithm that decides whether you show up for a certain geographical location; including where you’re located, how many competitors are in the area, and other factors you just can’t control.

But don’t lose hope! There are factors that you can control; including your content, your service area, and more! We’ll go over the three different types of Service areas, to give you a better understanding of which option is best for you!

Giving Google your service area is the easiest way to tell them where you want to show up. You can choose one of three different types:

  • All Customers Come to this location: This let’s Google know that you’re a brick and mortar business (like a restaurant or a clothing store) and they should use your physical address as the main factor for their algorithm.
  • Mile Radius: This option tells Google that you’re willing to service any customers within “x” amount of miles from your location, or a defined location. This option is great for contractors and service providers that know they only want to travel so many miles for a job.
  • Defined Service Area: This option tells Google that you’re able to service a specific locality or region. You can select cities, counties, states, etc. This option is great for businesses who are licensed to serve specific localities (Think lawyers, medical providers, etc.)

Choose your service area wisely and you’ll be positioning your Google Places listing for the most qualified traffic available!



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