This year has been a successful one for Boostability clients. Don’t just take our word for it — we have the statistics to prove it.

Check out the infographic below for the full set of annual statistics.


Keyword Ranking

When we start working with clients, they tend to be around five pages back. This is because we typically gain clients when they are just beginning to compete with sites that have authority.

After just one month, they have moved more than 9 positions on average. After three months, they have moved more than 25 positions. Finally, after six months, they have moved 32 positions. This means the average current rank of our clients is 19 — or page 2. Our average best rank is 12.

We achieve this through our unique approach to keywords. We target just two keywords per URL for surefire results. This allows us to focus our work on driving rankings to consistently reach the first page in six months. We also show customers success by continuing to drive value year over year, therefore stretching their marketing dollars further.

An alternative would be to focus on a bunch of keywords. The problem with this is it dilutes resources, leading to poorer overall results.

Once keywords rank, we remove them from our active work. We tend to see a dip around month six, but this is usually due to bad customer interaction on our clients’ sites, due to our links working but our clients’ pages not.


Halo Keywords

Another facet of our approach is measuring halo keywords. These are keywords we are not specifically optimizing for — often long-tail versions of the original keywords. The average starting rank for a halo keyword is position 49, or page 5. The current average is 37, or page 4, and the best is 25, or page 3.

It is unique that we see a global effect of optimizing and gaining authority. This shows that the benefits of our work are far-reaching.


Client Spend

Our average client spend is $1,100 per month. In the industry as a whole, almost 60 percent of companies spend more than $2,500 on SEO per month.


Top Keyword Views

By far our top keyword views for local search are for restaurants, at almost 60 percent. Other top keyword views are for hospitals, real estate, roofing, law, dentists and doctors, banks, and stores. All these demonstrate that core life services are still top dog when it comes to local searches.


Where Searches Come From

Of the 25,212 local searches per week, the majority still come from desktop. Most local searches come from Google search, Bing search, or Google Maps. In fact, Google Maps surpassed Google as the top local search tool in July. This has been good news for our clients, as 37 percent of our first page rankings are in maps.


Customer Actions

Our clients receive a total number of 1,061 calls an hour. When you also include website clicks and getting directions, they receive 5,460 cumulative actions per week. Making sure that the experience is optimized, accurate, and unique is a must for most customer services.

Finally, we have seen a trend with our partners that local clients outperform national clients. This further speaks to the effectiveness of our local tactics.

See full infographic below:

Boostability Clients Local Search Marketing Results infographic 2017