As an SEO reseller, upselling your services is one of the best ways to improve business profitability. When people think of upselling, they usually think of the sales department in a retail store or a call center. But when you really think about it, every business requires sales in some form. Who understands this better than the digital marketing experts who help make it all happen?

Yet as an SEO reseller, you may shy away from following through with this for your own company. Right now, you may be asking yourself, “Why haven’t I capitalized more on upselling my services before?” If you’ve ever heard the saying that in the blacksmith’s house, the knife is wooden, then you understand exactly how this happens. So, here are just a few ways you can upsell your SEO and marketing services to boost profitability.


Avoid Being Blunt

Sometimes skipping the marketing material and getting straight to the point is the right approach. This isn’t one of those times. When upselling to clients, don’t aggressively pursue the topic. This can come off as pushy to clients and cost you not just the “upsale,” but their current business as well. In fact, Inc named aggressive sales tactics as one of the top ways to drive your customers away, no matter what kind of business you’re in.

So, how do you sell to clients without being aggressive about the sale? There are discreet ways to work in an extra service or two. The best time is at the beginning of the negotiation process. Let the client know that you’re just helping them to ensure they have all their bases covered. Chances are, they don’t or may prefer to streamline some functions by passing them all on to you. Take the opportunity to ask.


Offer Proof

Have you ever made a lifechanging decision because of a study you came across? Maybe you decided to put solar panels up on the roof of your home, reconsidered your love for dairy or gave up red meat. Whatever the decision was, the ultimate compelling factor was the findings of that study. Smart people find it difficult to ignore facts and will generally make changes to benefit from this new knowledge.

Forbes recommends case studies for showing cause and effect to create the same change in your clients. Are there clients you worked with whose sales skyrocketed as a direct result of your services? What about testimonials? All of these are proof that you’re good at what you do. Try to make them service-specific and share them via social media, newsletters and your blog. Be sure to end with a call to action inviting future and current clients to contact you with questions.


Provide an Incentive

Even better than proof is incentives. There are probably tons of studies you have seen where you acknowledged the facts but decided to keep steering your course. Your client may do the same if the move is not a favorable one. Because of this, when negotiating your initial contract, provide an incentive for them to hire out more services to you. You may also share incentives through social media, newsletters and your blog posts.

According to Groupon, people love the feeling of striking a good deal. Here are some ways to provide this for future and existing clients:

  • Offer a time-sensitive discount in your announcement via social media, blog or newsletter
  • Present package options meshing services together as more affordable
  • Give clients “special pricing” because they’re an existing customer
  • If your pricing is more affordable than the competition, show a comparison for money and value


Keep It Simple

In the past, many companies believed that if they offered every conceivable option under the sun, consumers would buy more things. They believed having as many colors, flavors or models possible would wow customers. Maybe this did work a decade or more ago. That certainly isn’t the case now. Forbes points out that providing too many options can make it difficult for people to make a choice. Psychologists name this problem “choice overload.” This is one of the many instances where less is more.

Researchers confirmed this by putting two tables in a store. One contained six jars of jam, while the other contained a whopping 24. Believe it or not, 30% of shoppers stopped to see the six jars, while only 3% stopped to see the table with 24 jars. Choice overload can cause people to procrastinate on making a decision and then never get around to it. Even worse, your competitor may supply a simpler six-jar table option and get the sale.

As an SEO reseller, when you take on more business, you’ll need a stronger infrastructure to handle the new workload. Do you already have your support systems in place? When you partner with Boostability, we help to provide top notch value to your clients. For more information about how we can help you grow your business, contact us online or call us at 877-679-5049.