However you use LinkedIn, you can measure the success of your campaigns using tools included on the platform. For instance, you can:

  • Check that the right people are engaging with your content. Look at social actions, click intelligence by audience, your content marketing score, click-through rates, cost per click, and cost per thousand.
  • Find out the reach and share of your voice, and see how this is influencing awareness and perception of your brand. Look at targeted impressions and percentage share of voice.
  • See if users are taking action after consuming your content. Look at cost per lead and actions per audience.

The Content Marketing Score

Your content marketing score takes into consideration the success of your employee posts, sponsored content, and influencer posts, to provide you with a quantifiable score. This will:

  • Show you what types of content and topics resonate best with your audience,
  • Allow you to measure the effectiveness of each of your content-based campaigns,
  • Enable you to compare your success to that of your competition.

You can also see how you are performing in different areas, including groups, updates, and posts, to find out where you need to make improvements.

As well as the score itself, you will receive recommendations that you can put into action. These will allow you to adjust your content strategy to optimize results. Recommendations come with suggestions on:

  • New ways to increase your follower base,
  • How to encourage employees to publish more often, or
  • How to improve the relevance of your content.

Creating the Right Content

If you’re struggling to find topics that will interest your audience, turn to trending content. Every day, new pieces are added to the four categories:

  1. News from publishers,
  2. Peers on LinkedIn groups,
  3. Thought leaders, and
  4. Brands.

By checking out what is trending, you can see what users on the platform find most important, what is shared most, and what is going viral. Use this for data-driven inspiration for your own pieces.

LinkedIn uses a complex algorithm to understand which topics users are trending. The algorithm assigns each piece of content to one of 17,000 categories, bearing in mind the member profile attributes of the user who is sharing the content.

As a LinkedIn Marketing Solutions Customer with an Account Executive, you can receive, along with some other exclusive tools, a custom trending content analysis. This will help you align your strategy to the latest trends to reach more members on LinkedIn and improve the chances your content goes viral.