Boostability is the largest company in the field. We serve hundreds of partners and their clients while also serving tens of thousands of our own. Our employees now total more than 400 worldwide. But how do you leverage our expertise in your sales pitch while maintaining white label status?


Understanding White Label Status

White label SEO describes a relationship between two providers of SEO services. The SEO reseller markets the service to its clients. The white label SEO company completes the SEO work sold and marketed by the SEO reseller. The name capitalizes on the imagery of one company providing services with blank labels to another that it can market and sell as its own.

In simpler terms, it’s a partnership based on outsourcing. Some agencies have so successfully mastered this that they complete almost none of their work in-house. From writing content to analyzing websites, these companies curate the best of the best to provide all necessary marketing services under one roof.

Whether you plan to outsource only one service or many, you still face a few important questions. How do you make it clear that you have partnered with the best while maintaining a service as your own? Should you even mention Boostabillity at all?


Focusing on the Value of SEO

Sometimes a company becomes so caught up in differentiating itself that it forgets some people haven’t even decided if they need the service in the first place. You may think people only come across SEO services by looking for them specifically. This is not always the case. They may be looking for ways to spend less money on PPC ads while not sacrificing results, or trying to figure out how to improve traffic to a business website.

This is why content marketing is so important. It convinces people who are still in the earliest phases of the stage funnel to view specific services as an answer to their problem. This is just one of the points you can use when proving the value of SEO work completed by your partner.

Brings in Better-Quality Traffic

Compared to other forms of marketing, SEO is less invasive. Ads often show up in consumer spaces whether they want to see them or not. This can become annoying, and many people have become so desensitized to ads that they totally ignore them. A white-label SEO partner ensures that the content ranks higher as an answer to queries customers make on their own. This may improve click-through rates while reducing bounce rates.

Builds Greater Brand Awareness

Few companies have the resources to spend on awareness campaigns. These do not always translate directly to increased revenue, which can discourage many business owners. Still, if customers don’t know a business exists, they can’t consider it when it’s time to buy. Awareness as a benefit of other campaigns comes in handy. SEO boosts brand awareness when companies show up on the first page.

Provides Ongoing Results

Google and other search engine companies update their algorithms on a regular basis. When this happens, content that once ranked high up in searches may get outranked by something else. For the most part, though, rich content continues to dominate search results. Have you ever Googled a specific topic only to see an article from 2006 that still answers your question accurately? That’s the kind of good SEO we provide for companies that partner with us.

Capitalizes on Voice Search

Sometimes big changes in SEO come about not just by algorithm updates but also changes in consumer behavior. Voice search recently became popular with the rise of smart tech in homes, at work, in the car and built into our cellphones. Forbes estimates that by 2020, voice searches will account for 30% of website sessions. This will cause radical changes in the way your white label partner conducts SEO work.

Provides Product Data

Before buying a product, up to 90% of customers first look up the product online. In an era when virtually anyone can create an online presence, customers may think twice about supporting a business that doesn’t have one. Without product specs and online reviews, it just won’t seem as trustworthy an option as its competitors.

Saves Clients Money

Most businesses understand the importance of investing heavily in marketing and advertising through a partner. Even so, if they can save a few bucks, they are happy to do so. SEO is one of the most cost-effective ways to deliver results for these and other clients. Because results last for years to come, clients make back that investment in continued website traffic and sales revenue over time.


Adding to Your Sales Pitch

Every company has a sales pitch, whether they’re aware of it or not. That pitch tends to focus on what they are best at, what customers love most about them or what they’ve gained recognition for. If you’re a veteran in the marketing industry, then you likely have a lot to include in your pitch already.

If you are new to marketing, or at least, your current brand is, then you may need to leverage the success of your partners. To better understand how this works, it can be best to look at a parallel example instead of one specifically related to SEO.

The Audi Versus Bose Example

You will rarely — if ever — come across a reputable list of the world’s best brands in sound tech without seeing Bose. As a high-performance brand, it creates some of the most coveted speakers, headphones and surround-sound systems on the market.

Then there’s Audi, its partner. It’s a sophisticated luxury brand boasting German engineering. This car manufacturer creates practical luxury lines that focus more on performance and tech than looking sporty. In fact, not counting the R8 supercar and the contemporary Q8 design, Audi produces some of the most conservative models of luxury vehicles on the market.

Yet when Audi advertises its vehicles, it doesn’t brag about having an in-house German-engineered surround sound system. Instead, Bose speakers are a part of the sales pitch. Several of its competitors make the same claim, including Buick, Cadillac and Porsche.

How This Relates to White Label SEO

At the end of the day, no one thinks less of Audi because it chose not to engineer its own sound system. In fact, by allowing its partner to focus on the aspect of car-manufacturing that it’s best at, Audi also gets to focus on its own strong points. Both brands then leverage each other for sales and exposure.

How does this relate to the original dilemma? Easy. Audi is like an SEO reseller and Bose is the white label SEO service. If you combine the two just right, you can create a final product that is worthy of media praise and customer loyalty.


Hiring the Best of the Best

What’s the point of hiring the best if you feel compelled to keep it a secret? Sure, results speak for themselves, but SEO results can take up to six months of hard work to show through. How do you reassure your customers during the wait time that the results will come as long as they are patient and stay the course?

By pointing to the partner you entrusted with managing their SEO services, you may deliver peace of mind way ahead of the results. For more information on how to leverage what we bring to the table without compromising the white label status, give us a call at 1-800-261-1537 or click here.