Writing new and creative content for a business can sometimes be a struggle for most businesses. Especially without a content specialist, coming up with optimized and well thought out content can be a challenge while handling everyday tasks and projects. With businesses needing a high demand of effective content, utilizing white label content marketing has become more relevant for businesses now than ever. In this article, we will discuss what white label content marketing is, what deliverables are usually included with it, and why it’s important for your business. Let’s get started!

What is White Label Content Marketing?

White labeling refers to when a business or agency outsources services to another business. In relation to content marketing, these services will usually be white label copywriting services. By utilizing white label content marketing, it helps save your business time and money while receiving quality content and results. It also helps build your business brand as industry experts next to your competitors in SEO rankings. White labeling helps expand your products and services and helps you save money while generating more revenue. Outsourcing SEO isn’t always for everyone so it’s important to evaluate whether it’s the right option or time for your business. With content marketing being an extremely valuable asset for businesses to have, utilizing white label copywriting services could be a valuable addition to your business plan.

What’s Included in White Label Content Marketing?

When content is written and tailored to your client’s requests, they can then share and use it however they want under their name and brand. Here are a few examples of the types of content marketing white label services most agencies provide:

    • Blog Content: Most white label businesses can create blog content based on your preferences and needs. The parameters can be set around the word count, the point of view, being informative or entertaining, and the general overall topics you’re interested in having content written about. Having blog posts on a business website is a great way to help build traffic and help give information to your customers. 
    • Social Media Marketing: Having an active social media presence on different platforms has become a popular need for businesses of all sizes. Knowing how often and what to say for different posts can be difficult to come up with. Sometimes it’s hard to know what will best capture your audience. Utilizing white label content marketing helps save your business time and effort in coming up with the right things to say.
    • Mail Copy: Whether it be through emails or through direct mail copy, there’s a certain format that’s important to follow. It’s important to follow because doing it wrong could potentially mess up the way customers see your business. Not everyone knows how to write email or mail copy so having experts know how to do it for you can be beneficial.
    • Website Copy: Having effective and optimized website copy is one of the most important factors your business needs when it comes to having successful rankings over time. When search engines such as Google crawl your website, one of the first things they analyze and look at is your content. If your website copy doesn’t communicate well or make sense, it could be detrimental to your site. Investing in effective copy through white label services can be extremely beneficial to your business.
    • Video Scripts: Sometimes it can be easy to generate the ideas you want to discuss in a marketing video. However, it can be hard to translate the right format or ideas your business is trying to express. Having white label services produce a professional video script can help improve your professional image and express all of your ideas in an organized manner.

There are other types of content marketing that your business can utilize through white labeling, but these tend to be the most common or important for businesses to use.

Why is Content Marketing for White Label Agencies Important?

If you haven’t taken this point away already, it’s important to know that content is king. Content marketing is a HUGE key aspect of our white label SEO product here at Boostability. Without content marketing, there would be no strategy or intent in any of the content that’s produced. In utilizing content marketing, your business can find ways to grow and thrive in different digital marketing aspects such as SEO. Whether it be through keyword optimization, link building with anchor texts, or blog posts. All forms of content marketing help benefit your business from an SEO standpoint to rank higher and benefit your business over time.

5 Benefits of Content Marketing for Your Clients

There are many benefits to outsourcing SEO content marketing. Your business can consider many factors when deciding on white label content marketing. Here are a few benefits you should know about for your clients:

Become a Trusted Expert

When you choose to take on content marketing through white labeling, you become an expert for your clients in your writing. Having great content that is present through your website, blog, or social media, can reflect your agency or business as a professional expert. From that, your clients can rely on you more. When you also have accessibility to a variety of writers, it helps give more of a variety of viewpoints rather than just one in-house writer.

Expands Your Audience

Utilizing content marketing white labeling has expert writers that know an effective SEO strategy to help increase your brand awareness. When you have practices and strategies that are implemented in your content, the more applicable it can be in reaching more audiences. The more optimized your content is, the more opportunity it has to rank higher in SERPs which helps more people find your clients when they’re looking for them. The best white label agencies optimize for content that expands your brand and business name for clients.

Access to Tools

When you utilize content marketing from white label services, the more your clients have access to exclusive tools and services that most experts use. Even with the addition of having the experts who know how to help your clients succeed, they too can become experts in their own fields. It saves money for you and your clients in not having to buy expensive tools or services on your own. 

Get Ahead of Competition

Having unique and original content will help put you ahead of your competitors with higher marketing budgets. It’s all about getting audiences to engage with your brand through having great content. When your content is trustworthy and reliable, it helps customers choose your clients over your competitors. With SEO strategies added into it, your content will help your site rise in rankings over time. Users and search engines will learn over time to trust your brand.

Cost Effective

When you choose to white label your content marketing services, you end up saving lots of money by doing so. Having an in-house SEO strategist and content strategist full-time can be more expensive than hiring a white label agency. With white label content marketing, you’re able to pay for optimized content with more resources over time. Sometimes you don’t need a massive budget to acquire high quality content for your clients and business.

Finding the Right White Label SEO Agency

When it comes to having and creating content that’s effective over time, SEO elements need to be considered for the greatest success. When you partner with an experienced white label agency, your SEO rankings can grow to new heights. 

At Boostability, we have an impressive repertoire of case studies and success stories. We’re interested in developing and applying SEO strategies to boost your business’ online presence. Find out more about our SEO Partner Program and reach out if you’re ready to benefit from our team of qualified SEO experts. We’re here to assist with all of your SEO needs!



Aaron joined Boostability in 2012, bringing with him 10 years of digital marketing and e-commerce experience. Prior to Boostability, Aaron was co-Founder and CEO of Limebloo, an e-commerce consulting and marketing agency. Aaron launched and operated 11 e-commerce stores in highly competitive industries, directing all revenue efforts from email marketing to paid marketing, traffic generation and returning customer transactions. Aaron grew up with an entrepreneurial spirit, washing cars in England and enjoys traveling with his wife and 4 kids, running extreme relays and relaxing in the sauna!