Having a website is good for business, it’s good for sharing general information about your business.  However, it’s a one-sided conversation. You are not going to get much interaction. The good news is with the technology in the world today you can turn to social media for business to interact and engage with your customers.

According to the Statistics from Statista.com, 81% of people use social media. You can see the growth from 2008 – 2017 there was a pretty steady rise in the growth of social media.

social media for business

It’s not surprising that most everybody has a social media account, or two. As nice as social media is for connecting with a friend or a loved one. Social media can also be used to boost your business and your brand.


Social media for business: Reviews

Understanding what others have said will help the customer know if the product or business is good. With social media, you can ask your customers to write a review. Once they have written a review you can follow up with that review on social media. Not only does this help their friends and family know about your business, it also shows the search engines that your business has a good social media following.

With reviews, there may come a day when you will have people that are unsatisfied with one thing or another in your business. Unfortunately, they will turn to social media. If you can handle that situation well, it will show your customers how much you care about your business.


Social media can boost your business

You can use social media to generate polls or surveys for your customers.  Once you get their feedback you can better tailor your business to meet the needs of your customers.  This will allow you to know what their needs are, rather than guessing what would be good for them.

You can use social media to make a big announcement or change in your brand or business. As well as big announcements, you can announce any sales or promotions you have coming up.

As a small company, you can manage your social media by yourself, but once you start getting business coming in and start getting busy you can find a social media manager that can work with your social media.  They may even have years of experience that they can share with you to boost your business.


In conclusion…

Take it one step at a time and integrate social media into your website and your business.  If you can use social media to boost your business and harness the potential you will see an increase in your business and even your site ranking.