There are hundreds of SEO companies across the country who offer SEO services such as Link Building and Content Writing. The benefits of having SEO work professionally done for your website are countless, but choosing a reliable company can be a difficult choice to make. One of the best options for anyone who’s interested in being discovered by potential customers on major search engines throughout the internet is simply choosing to do SEO work for yourself. Boostability offers the first SEO Campaign Management Software specifically for small businesses. Here’s why you should use and get involved with this incredible software:

You Save Money

The main reason why people love doing SEO work themselves is that they save a ridiculous amount of money. SEO clients receiving Full Service from SEO companies spend anywhere from hundreds of dollars per month to thousands of dollars per month. Boostability’s DIY Software costs as low as $49 per month which is a huge bargain compared to SEO Full Services and other DIY Services that are available across the web.

You Save Time

If you’ve done SEO work on your own, then you definitely know that the SEO process can be repetitive and very time consuming. It can be very frustrating browsing the web to try and find relevant sources to post links to your website. Boostability’s DIY Software searches the web to find relevant sources so that each of your posted links receive more value. We also have a large database of Directory Submission Websites, Social Bookmarking Websites, Business Profile Websites, and Blogging/Article Websites, so that you always know exactly where to post to get the most value for your time and effort. The software includes step-by-step instructions and explanations, so that learning how to be successful and accurate at SEO can become easy for anyone.


Work Whenever You Want From Wherever You Want

Full-Service Campaigns can limit the amount of work that you receive each month which leads to slower progress with your listing rankings. Boostability’s DIY SEO Software allows you to work up to 200 hours each month! You can also adjust the settings to focus on specific types of link building. For example, if you want to spend half of your hours of work each month on Directory Submissions, then you can simply adjust the percentage to 50% for Directory Submission Work. You can also access your Boostability Account from any computer at any time of day. Many DIY programs have to be downloaded and installed to specific computers, but Boostability’s software uses Microsoft Silver Light and is always available online, so all you have to do is login and start your link building from wherever you’d like.


Focus on Specific Pages on Your Website

One great feature that is available with the DIY Software is the ability to build links for any specific page on your website. You have the ability to define specific keywords for each page and submit your Title tags and Meta Description for each of the pages as well. The websites where the link building will take place are found by Boostability’s system which is based upon the specific keywords that are defined for each page. You will also be in charge of dedicating however much time you’d like to each specific page of your site. For example, you could work 70% on your Home Page, 20% on your Products Page, and 10% on your About Us page etc.


Track the Progress of Your Campaign With SEO Tools

Many times SEO Companies promise you results, but never allow you to see where the links are being built. Having proof of what has been accomplished is a very important aspect in knowing how you have achieved success. Boostability’s DIY SEO Software is one of the only DIY Software Products in the industry that allows you to track your progress and keep track of where you have been submitting your links.

A “Keyword Ranking Tab” is available that lets you know how your website is ranking on Google for each specific keyword that you have been building links for. Track what rank your website started at, where it’s currently ranking, and the average rank that it has had too.

An “Actions Tab” is available that allows you to see the specific dates when your links were built and also allows you to see the specific locations of where they were built. See how much time you have spent each month and also how many remaining actions you have left to complete.

If you’re also interested in seeing how you’re website is doing in comparison to your online competition, then feel free to access the “Competition Tab” which compares your website information to that of your competitors. Compare your Traffic Rank, Page Views, PageRank, Inbound Links, and More!


Put yourself out there and get to work. Help your website grow online with Boostability’s great Do-It-Yourself (DIY) SEO Software.



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