Twitter offers a highly versatile platform you can put to good use as you grow your business. Many brands have developed a strong presence on Twitter and used it to spread awareness. Like every other social media platform, Twitter has its own unique aspects. It is an effective tool for various types of business uses.

Twitter is among the fastest ways to spread information to a wide audience. Its format is fast-paced and encourages brevity. Used right, it presents an effective and dynamic way for your company to take part in its industry. An added benefit is expanding your company’s consumer base.



As a small business owner, you know the importance of connecting with others in your industry and in related fields. Twitter provides an easy way to interact with professionals and business owners like yourself. You can search tags to seek out accounts that share interests with you. You can also get to know like-minded companies and individuals when you see them participating in a conversation you follow.

Expanding your network via Twitter can result in new business opportunities. It can also help you by introducing new ideas and approaches you can optimize to work for your own company. If you’re heading a small company, it is not always easy to build a network of peers with whom you can brainstorm or check in for a fresh perspective. Twitter makes it easy to open conversations and take part in ongoing discussions.

Asking for help and advice is one way to start a conversation. You can also add value to current discussions by providing advice of your own. By interacting with relevant accounts, you build relationships and give your company’s name more prominence in your industry.


Reaching Out to Your Audience

Twitter also provides a strong social media platform through which you can define and reach your target market. Using hashtags and interacting with relevant accounts can help your tweets gain visibility. Trending hashtags tend to get more attention, so making a relevant post can bring you to the attention of new followers. Twitter’s advanced search feature can help you further refine your search and identify accounts to engage with.

It’s important to keep in mind that social media for business tends to be more effective when it emphasizes the social part at least as much as the business aspect. People don’t usually open Twitter to see advertisements. Making most of your tweets informative or entertaining can help you reach a more receptive audience.

You can also use various methods to encourage interaction. Some techniques include offering a small promotion to those who retweet your content or making a fun poll. Asking specific questions or topics for sharing can also promote engagement.


Providing Customer Service

Customers experiencing an issue may opt to tweet about it or message you rather than calling your helpline. This trend can help you resolve problems quickly.

Communicating through direct messaging can be more effective for customer service than tweeting back and forth. Unlike tweets, direct messages have no character limits. This allows you to discuss the issue more fully and make sure your tone comes across correctly. In the context of addressing a complaint, the brevity of a tweet can sound abrupt to a customer who is already upset.

But, if there is a problem that goes beyond a particular customer, you may want to make an announcement on Twitter. Reassure customers that you are addressing the issue. Use the platform to encourage affected people to get in touch.


Staying Current

Twitter is one of the best social media tools to keep you updated on news of interest throughout the world. Rather than passively consuming it, you also have the opportunity to become part of the conversation and add value for other participants. Staying current also helps you continually refine and update your brand voice so it resonates with your target demographic.


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