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Quick Checklist of SEO Fundamentals for Small Businesses

In a small business, every dollar and minute count. You want to make sure you are putting time and effort into tactics and strategies that

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How To Create A Lookalike Audience On Facebook

Last Update: September 13, 2019 There is nothing we marketers love more than easy optimization. Thankfully, Facebook has been hard at work amplifying the use

AI, Chatbots and Consumers: "Alexa, What Does This Mean for Business?"
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AI, Chatbots and Consumers: “Alexa, What Does This Mean for Business?”

Through the development of websites, apps, and smart devices, we now find ourselves in a digital age where uttering the words, “OK Google”, “Hey Siri”

Why Local Search Should Be A Part Of Your SEO Offering
Digital Marketing SEO

Why Local Search Should Be a Part of Your SEO Offering

Small businesses need to be use local search to connect with potential customers in their area. Almost half of all Google searches feature local search terms —

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5 Steps to Choosing a Content Writer for Your Blog

As a content marketer you need to be able to handle multiple aspects of your job such as writing, content curation, social media activity, while

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How Do I Keep People Reading My Blog?

This article was first published on Jul 5, 2016, and last updated in January 2020. Writing a blog post is just half the battle, getting

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What Is the Ideal SEO Word Count and Keyword Density?

Perhaps two of the most commonly asked questions in the world of SEO are How many words of content should be on each page? and

Boostability Attends SIINDA Conference in Dublin

Boostability Attends SIINDA Conference in Dublin

Irish events didn’t end after St. Patrick’s Day for Boostability this year. From March 18-20, CEO Travis Thorpe and VP of Sales and Partners Matt