Instagram has become an unimaginably flexible platform, catering to individuals and businesses alike. 

Instagram’s business model started as something simple—an intuitive platform for sharing photos individuals could enjoy and follow. We should have known that the secret of its multifaceted success lay exactly in this foundational simplicity.

The turning point came in 2015 when Instagram Ads appeared and attracted the undivided attention of the business world. Suddenly, it became a mediator for a dynamic relationship between brands and potential clients. Promotions became commonplace, as well as B2B lead generation.


Instagram marketing is vital in the world of millennials

Marketing managers have countless multimedia tools at their disposal today, and Instagram may be the sharpest one. After all, it gives you access to over 800 million users around the world!

In addition, millennials have officially become the largest living generation in the US. They are slowly becoming a majority in the business market. As a result, modern-day businesses need to embrace the strategies of selling to millennials through social media. 


Useful B2B Instagram strategies

1. Tutorials go a long way

Let’s start with some lightweight “exercises.” Tutorials may be the most popular “go-to” Instagram content for B2B promotion. Teaching ins and outs of your service or product is the best way to appeal to problem-solving entrepreneurs. Videos became a feature of Instagram in 2013, and the Stories feature has been available since 2016.

Since stories give you with 15-second intervals, it’s more prudent to rely on 60-second Instagram videos for comprehensive tutorials. In addition, you can upload creative graphs that break down certain aspects of your brand. If you’re able to invest the effort and resources, you can utilize IGTV to post long-form video content and present your channel as a useful resource. 

Of course, Q&As with the company’s passionate entrepreneurs are the cream of the crop when it comes to Instagram ‘teaching’ strategies. And while we’re on the topic of Q&As. . . 

2. Organize Instagram Live sessions for Q&A

We’ve come a long way from running blogs for people within the industry. The latest surveys show that 80% of people online would prefer watching a video than read a wall of text. 

Live sessions reserved for Q&A with the top experts in the company may be the most dynamic and exciting way to promote your brand and hash out specific details.

Here’s the trick, though—you have to create a poll for FAQs beforehand. By choosing at least a couple of questions out of the popular batch, you’ll be able to prepare some talking points. This material will be incredibly helpful at the beginning of the Instagram Live sessions since it takes time before the audience accrues. Then it can become a true live Q&A session.

Use Instagram Live to promote a product in its initial launch, just for the insiders. Also, consider using it as an opportunity to address conundrums and potentially even identify areas that could use improvement in the future. 

3. Initiate collaborations with the hottest personalities in the industry

Instagram Live sessions can be used to initiate collaborations with noted influencers within the industry. They can bring a staggering amount of attention to your project.

Apart from the collaborative tutorials, interviews, and sessions, you can also fall back on story takeovers. An influencer can “take over” your branded content and show it through their idiosyncratic lens. They are a solid tactic and mutually beneficial, ensuring that your product or company gets promoted and that the influencer receives media attention for their partnership with you.

4. Create intrigue with photos

Instagram is an amazing tool to create an air of intrigue. If you’re about to launch a company, a product or service, you can commence a teaser photo campaign to hint at what’s coming. Glimpses of the project with behind-the-scenes footage and photos will serve to spark the audience’s curiosity and build up anticipation. But you need to pull it off expertly, and the secret lies in the timing.

Stories last only 24 hours, so you need to space out your content evenly to stay on your audience’s radar. Mix media to avoid monotony—use photos, videos, and text-only slides to tell your story and maintain a grasp on their attention. The trick is to walk the fine line between ‘entice’ and ‘overburn’. If you drag the mystery out, people will lose interest.

5. Use Stories to show an authentic brand personality

You can also use Instagram Stories to highlight the company culture. It’s a perfect way to show the ‘behind the scenes’ material which will establish basic human relatability to your brand.You can begin with some short personal testimonials from key members of the team. This concept will work really well in the 15-second snippet format. 

Team building picnics, outings, funny anecdotes from the office can all come into play. You and your team can really get out of the box here and have fun giving your brand a more human element. Creative stickers, filters, and hashtags are all kosher as long as you’re showing a genuine personality.

6. Place URLs into videos

Videos are the most popular way of capturing attention among clients and business associates alike. A particularly popular strategy on Instagram is to place URLs into videos. A ‘carrot on a string’ in the form of an enticing multimedia snippet will capture the attention of a visitor. Once you have the spotlight, you can redirect them to the specific external link. This link can lead to a landing page, a specific offer, or whatever you find necessary. Note that this feature is only available to accounts with more than 10,000 followers. You may need to increase your engagement before this option becomes available to you.

7. Don’t forget to use hashtags

If you’re using Instagram to generate leads, hashtags should become your main unit of language. The whole population of users employs hashtags in order to find content that relates to their topics of interest. This will lead them down the topical path to other photographs and profiles.



The key to good marketing is quality storytelling. Instagram is no exception in this regard. Combined with an enticing narrative, the above-mentioned strategies will help you capture attention and win your audience’s trust. 

When it comes to Instagram, its beauty lies in its simplicity and ubiquity. With a huge audience of customers and business associates within your reach, Instagram becomes a goldmine for generating B2B and B2C leads. 


Natasha Lane is a lady of a keyboard whose fields of expertise could be summed up in digital marketing and branding related topics. She is always happy to collaborate with awesome blogs by sharing her knowledge. These days Natasha is all about helping businesses to grow smoothly. To see what she is up to next, check out her Twitter Dashboard.