You need to know how consumers will behave this holiday season. Otherwise, how will you know where to direct your marketing efforts? We’ve done the hard work for you, compiling a list of all the Christmas shopping stats that matter.

Key Takeaways for Holiday Marketing 

In the infographic, you’ll notice things like the fact that 80 percent of holiday shoppers turn to the Internet before they make a purchase. What exactly are they looking at? Well, one-third of shoppers over the holiday weekend are influenced by promotions, particularly in emails and meta descriptions.

With Black Friday fast approaching, your holiday marketing should now be well underway. Many consumers began their Christmas shopping long before, especially women. Make sure you designate plenty of your marketing budget to the days after Black Friday and Cyber Monday, too. Thanksgiving falls on November 22 his year, the earliest possible date. This means that there are more shopping days on the calendar than normal.

Beyond focusing on building your online presence, you need to ensure that your website is ready for the potential influx of traffic. Part of this is about speeding up slow-loading pages. Bear in mind that every second a webpage remains loading, conversions drop by 20 percent.

It is also critical that your website is mobile ready. It should be already, but this is extra important over the holidays. After all, more than half of shopping searches happen on mobile. A mobile-friendly website is key even if you’re expecting customers to visit your store, as 64 percent of users search online first.


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