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Case Study: Promotional Company

Who is Promotional Company?

Promotional Company started using BoostSocial in April 2015 to increase their social media reach. Over the last four months, they have seen dramatic increases in post engagement from followers, Facebook likes, and their page reach.

The Strategy And The Success

Promotional Company, like most businesses, had a very inconsistent social media strategy. Posts were uploaded at random, and the copy was usually less than compelling. Promotional Company’s goal was to reach more prospects, and increase their online footprint. Starting with 576 likes, BoostSocial served content to more than 1 million targeted prospects, and increased their fan page user base by 143% which resulted in more than 115 followers engaging with their content.

Using a mixture of paid and organic posting, Promotional Company now has a highly active Facebook community who interact with their posts and content.

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