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Pacific Polish Pottery got its start in 2001. All of their pottery comes from factories in Poland and is safe for use in the oven, microwave, dishwasher, freezer, and other areas in the kitchen. After building their site from the ground up, ran into a road block. They needed better rankings on Google to reach their full potential and were unable to achieve this on their own.

The Strategy and the Success and Boostability started working together and began seeing results within 3–4 months. The site’s organic traffic has more than doubled with an increase of 121%. Not only is the site getting more traffic, but it is also getting more targeted traffic. This increase in traffic has resulted in a decrease in the bounce rate by 7%.

When Boostability began helping the Polish Pottery Store there was little to work with. The site had a small online presence but wasn’t ranking for many of its keywords. As an ecommerce store bounce rate plays an important factor not only in Google searches, but also in generating sales. Pages were updated to improve the user experience and decrease load times, resulting in a 7% drop in bounce rate which saw both their rankings and sales increase.

Next up Boostability got to work on a keyword strategy to drive more targeted traffic to Within a few short months, more than doubled their website traffic organically, and saw a jump of 16.5 positions on average for each keyword.

“The results speak for themselves, and all the information we need is laid out in a neat and easy-to-understand format. Getting first-page ranking speaks for itself… we have already seen an increase in business.”

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