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Case Study: K&C FENCE CO.

How Did K&C FENCE CO. Succeed?

K&C Fence Company started with Boostability in August, 2013. Having previously experienced low-quality SEO services, initially K&C Fence Company was worried that poorly done SEO and bad site optimization would keep them from ever seeing the rankings they were looking for. It was Boostability’s high-quality SEO work, client dashboard, and reporting tool that was most attractive to K&C Fence Company.

KC Fence Case Study

Keyword Rankings

In a little under two months after the beginning of their campaign, several of K&C Fence Company’s keywords jumped to the first page and eventually climbed to the #1 position.

Every keyword is now on the first page

67% of their keywords are at position #1

67% of their keywords are at position #1

The biggest term in their industry and market “fence nashville tn” ranks at #1


Bad and broken links on site

Missing Robot.txt and Sitemap.xml files

Site not mobile-optimized

Duplicate content


Conducted link audit to repair bad links

Added Robot.txt and Sitemap.xml files, causing
rankings to jump significantly

Optimized site for mobile friendliness

Fixed duplicate content issues

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