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Case Study: Ignite Spot

Who is Ignite Spot?

Ignite Spot focuses on outsourced accounting services including bookkeeping, payroll, CFO services, and tax strategy. Ignite Spot began working with Boostability on an aggressive SEO campaign in March 2012.   They were very new to the online space, averaging only 215 visits per month.

The Strategy and the Success

Content is king, and is a testament to that statement. A lot of businesses start running a blog with good intentions, but quickly give up after seeing no dramatic changes in Google. Boostability understands that one of the best ways to generate high-quality backlinks is to produce content that others want to share.

After understanding’s target market and audience, pages were created with evergreen content that was relevant to their reader base. New keyword research was undertaken to find further intent heavy keywords to use in future blog posts.

Within the space of one year saw a 164% increase in traffic, generating additional business which allowed them to open 4 more office locations. As of today, ranks for 40 highly targeted keywords on the first page of Google, and 137 keywords that rank in the top 50 searches.

Boostability implemented an aggressive, natural link-building strategy, and worked with to optimize the website content. now averages over 917 visits from search engines per month (up from 215 visits prior to Boostability’s SEO efforts). Targeted keywords have increased an average of 35 positions, and traffic is up 164%.

“[Boostability’s service] has allowed us to increase our billing by over 300%. We have been able to expand our staff, open four more locations around the country, and more importantly, provide a higher quality services to our clients… I would highly recommend Boostability if you are ready to grow your business.”

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