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Case Study: Dori Jones Yang

How Did Dori Jones Yang Succeed?

The Dori Jones Yang case study is the story of best-selling author, Dori Jones Yang, and her incredible success with us here at Boostability. Dori’s site went from having 140,000 bad links and nearly being de-listed by search engines to a wildly successful site that’s helping Dori be found online. In just two months, Dori’s site went from not ranking at all to ranking for several keywords, one of which was on the first page.


The Strategy and The Success

Dori Jones Yang knew nothing about SEO or Internet marketing when she came to us. After doing a full website audit we quickly discovered why Dori’s website wasn’t ranking in Google. Someone had created over 140,000 black-hat backlinks which ensured her website didn’t rank for any of her key search terms, including her full name!

The first priority was to remove all bad links using a disavow tool, while ensuring not to remove high-quality links she received from reputable sources. During the audit we also found that her website code had been hacked and someone had removed the robots.txt file – this is a piece of code that tells Google what to crawl and index for any particular website.

By fixing the site’s database and fully optimizing her website, within two months Boostability managed to place Dori’s website on the first page of Google – after almost being delisted a few months earlier!

“Boostability helped me figure out what the problem was with my site. I conferred with my account manager many times, working to brainstorm a solution, and finally found a way. My website went from invisible to the first page on Google Search. What a relief! Boostability is affordable and attentive and helped me solve a huge problem.”

– Dori Jones Yang

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