#BoostJams Brings You New #MusicMonday. Listen Now!

#BoostJams Brings You New #MusicMonday. Listen Now!

Have you ever had a life soundtrack moment? You’re in the middle of a major obstacle, a gnarly run, or a tough loss, and that perfect song starts playing. You climb out of whatever hole in your mind that you’ve been stuck in, and you could swear that a captive audience in a movie theater somewhere is watching you persevere to the beat of the music. You’re sure that everything is actually going to be okay, and you even get a tangible sense of your own coolness. At this point, the camera pans out from your internal consciousness to view your image in all its glory. You reflect on your journey as a montage of your day plays with the chorus. This is powerful stuff, and we think you should have it on the daily. How? By lining you up with more of those perfect songs, of course. Here are the 5 songs currently streaming on my own soundtrack. Share your own by tagging @Boostability with #BoostJams.

Gimme Shelter- Rolling Stones

Breakdown- Tom Petty

Don’t You Worry ‘Bout a Thing- Stevie Wonder

Strong- London Grammar

Stand Out from A Goofy Movie


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