The January SEO Update – The Booster Seat Episode 2

The January SEO Update – The Booster Seat Episode 2

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Hey there, Boosters! Welcome to BNN, your source for SEO news. In these monthly segments, we will be discussing the top SEO news stories. I’m Andrew Eagar, and here are your top stories from January.

Google makes yet another push for mobile usability for Internet users. More on this is our mobile correspondent Mobi.

Andrew – Sorry, what’s going…[on]

Mobi – Hey Andrew its me, Mobi!

Andrew – Mobi,! I thought we would see you in person, you know, in the studio?

Mobi – Heck no dude! I use my cell phone for that. You know, I live my life by one simple rule…

Andrew – Oh yeah, what’s that?

Mobi – Don’t do anything yourself that your cell phone can do better!

Andrew – All right… I don’t think that’s a great idea…well, never mind. Mobi, what can you tell us about this latest action Google has taken on non-mobile friendly websites?

Mobi – Dude, what a great question man, you know, that is why I like you so much, you ask great questions.

Andrew – Uh, thanks?

Mobi – Dude, you are welcome. All right. In an effort to help Webmaster make their websites more mobile friendly, Google is now sending webmasters a warning message via GWT.

Andrew – GWT?

Mobi – Google Webmaster Tools Andrew, try to keep up. The message comes in the form of a warning that explains how Google doesn’t find individual or all pages on your website as mobile friendly. This is just another example that Google is not going to let up on the mobile friendliness front. The message also gives webmaster instructions on how to fix these issues.

Andrew – So how important is mobile to Google?

Mobi – Pretty important. I mean, more and more users are using cell phones to search for things. Let me put it this way: you remember back in November when Google started giving search results a “mobile friendly’”status?

Andrew – Yeah, I remember….

Mobi – Exactly. Mobile is becoming a bigger deal to Google. They even built a tool to help users see if their website is mobile friendly or not.

Andrew – How does this affect Keyword Ranking?

Mobi – For desktop searches and normal SEO efforts, this should not have an effect on Keyword Ranking. If you don’t have a mobile friendly website, this could affect your mobile ranking from mobile device searches.

Andrew – Thanks for the update Mobi!

Mobie – Totes Andrew. It has been an honor to be on the call…I mean, my voice has been on TV…that is awesome!

AndrewThat ends our news broadcast for this month. Stay cool.

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