Booster Seat Season 2 Episode 1: HTTPS – Six Months Later

Booster Seat Season 2 Episode 1: HTTPS – Six Months Later

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Hey there, Boosters! I’m Andrew Eagar and welcome to the new season of The Booster Seat! I am so excited to get this new season rolling. We have tons of great and fun information to be sharing in the coming weeks. This week we are going to discuss HTTPS. Just over 6 months ago Google announced that they were going to be making HTTPS a ranking signal. Today we’re taking a look at how HTTPS helps rankings now, six months later.

Let’s get started.

Before we move on, I want to make sure you understand what HTTPS is. If you don’t, please click on the video below to watch as I explain the basics of HTTPS.

Okay, let’s talk about data. Boostability has tons of data that helps us understand Google algorithm changes. Boostability has over 17,000 accounts that track tens of thousands of keywords. We use this data to help us understand Google algorithm changes. Back in August we noticed little to no changes after the announcement that HTTPS would be a ranking factor. Six months later we’ve gathered enough data to see some pretty interesting things.

Take a look at this graph:

HTTPS Results Graph

This shows the percent of results on the first page that are HTTPS since the beginning of September. In general, we are seeing a slow but steady increase in results. Remember however, these are percentages. This data helps show that there is still a low amount of sites ranking that have HTTPS, thus denoting the HTTPS is still a very small ranking factor.

Having looked at this data however got us thinking. Does Google treat all websites the same when it comes to requirements of security? In other words, would Google expect more security from websites we generally see as more important, like money or finance websites?

Take a look at this next graph:

HTTPS Results

This graph shows some of our more popular verticals. Notice anything that sticks out? The jump we saw was in the insurance vertical. Based on this data, we can see that it might be beneficial for those websites in the insurance business to look at getting HTTPS.

After examining the data we’ve gathered since Google made their HTTPS announcement, all in all we are seeing little fluctuation for the general population when it comes the HTTPS as the ranking signal, but those verticals such as insurance or finance may see a little rise in rankings if they change over HTTPS.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this week’s Booster Seat episode! For more information on HTTPS, click the video below. Also, don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss out on future episodes.

Stay cool!

Andrew Eagar
[email protected]

The Director of SEO Strategies for Boostability, Andrew is an internet marketing enthusiast with several years of SEO Experience. Helping small businesses find success online is passion of his, as is spending time with his family and watching Parks & Recreation reruns.