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Work Culture That Keeps You On Your Toes

“I love my day-to-day job. No two days are exactly the same, so I don’t feel like I ever get in a rut and get stuck doing the exact same tasks I did the day before. I also like the culture and environment that Boost has. We try to make sure we have fun, while getting our work done, of course.”

TJ Mitchell

Work Culture That Supports

”I have a great boss who gives me the kind of support I have only read about in the past. I have fantastic co-workers who are also incredibly supportive and a pleasure to work with. It may be the most cliché thing I could say, but I come to work to be with the people I work with. I love the dynamic and relationships—we joke, tease each other, and back each other up whenever possible. Coming to work is a lot like coming to a family gathering.”

Steven Spencer

Work Culture That Celebrates

“The awesome culture, and the celebration of Harry Potter’s birthday. Going to see Star Wars, cause we’re all such nerds. The laughter and inside jokes between close-knit teams. Wacky 6. Pay period lunches that make me feel appreciated and that my work is needed. The flexible schedule. The excitement to come to work every day. Awesome team leads, receptionists, and Kate; the assistant to VP who makes the entire department run. The pumpkin carving contests and thankful wall. The freedom to try new things, and learn.”

Shannon Schlesinger

The People

“Working alongside such awesome people. People that make me laugh; people that work hard and get things done, and people that care about me and my family.”

Kelly Shelton

The Fun

“We take the time to have fun as well as work hard.”

Arielle Folkman

The Activities

“Star Wars 7 and daily recess (team breaks). Also, free food and last year’s Christmas party was off the chain.”

Thaddaeus Brodrick

The Competition

“Ping pong – all day, every day!”

Jamison Furr

The Breaks

“We make time for fun, which brings us together and makes us more effective as we work.”

Lauren Halliday Hess

The Effort

“I am able to work hard and enjoy the environment because of the effort of food, parties, movies, and of course, THE PEOPLE!”

Matt Christensen