AI-Powered CX Will Mark the Future of Digital Marketing

AI-Powered CX Will Mark the Future of Digital Marketing

AI-Powered CX Will Mark the Future of Digital Marketing

It appears that the best way to make the customer experience (CX) seem more personal and human these days is with the help of artificial intelligence. Yes, AI-powered CX sounds quite paradoxical and somewhat puzzling, but bear with us.

Namely, modern digital marketing has become concerned with personalizing the customer experience. It is all about making sure that their interaction with the product, brand, or the company goes as smoothly as possible. Contemporary customers demand a service that is tailored specifically to their individual needs. But as each person is different, how can marketers tailor so many different experiences?

Enter AI, a properly programmed robot that can personalize every transaction, offer relevant help if, and make sure that the customer is completely satisfied with the experience. But we have only just scratched the surface and while there is no doubt that the AI-powered CX is the future, how exactly will it influence the world of digital marketing?

Artificial Intelligence in Customer Support

We will start things off with chatbots – a new technology you have probably already noticed all over the internet. Chatbots appear in little pop-up windows on landing pages and work as your own, private customer support agents. Right now, they are a little bit annoying because they all follow the same pattern and people rarely engage them. However, this trends will undoubtedly change as chatbots become more advanced.

Chatbots and Voice Experiences

One of the biggest changes we can expect when it comes to chatbots is the inclusion of voice. A brand new technology that will make it impossible to differentiate human voice from an AI. Why is this important? Well, according to a recent Stanford study, voice-searching is nowadays three times faster than typing and is, therefore, a lot more popular among the young internet users. Providing a natural-sounding voice feedback to these searches is the next logical step.

Improving CX With Predictability

As they get smarter, chatbots will also be able to predict customers’ needs more reliably and ensure smoother interactions. Google’s DeepMind seems to be a step in the right direction. The main characteristic of this new program is the ability to learn in a similar way to humans. By using the aggregated knowledge about the customer and their behavior, these future bots might be able to discover potential problems before they even emerge.

AI can Make Sense of Big Data

In order to be able to personalize the shopping experience for every customer, the AIs will need to collect huge amounts of data from each one of them and process it. This is no easy task and most companies do not possess the capacity to handle it. Apparently, around 80% of all this data remains unprocessed.

This will change in the years to come because more companies are starting to understand the importance of hiring knowledgeable big data scientists to handle this cumbersome task. Making sense of the customer data will give businesses a better understanding of who their customers are and the kind of CX they are after.  

Potential Problems With AI

Like it is with any new technology, there is always a dark side that people love to ignore or freak out over. We are not talking about anything drastic like Skynet here. We are talking about the subtle shift towards global alienation, where customers all over the world spend their time talking with AI-controlled programs without any real human contact.

Could this technology dissociate people from the companies they’re interacting with? What if the clever chatbots that know everything about the customers start freaking them out? It is certainly something worth thinking about.

Where Do You Stand?

There is no doubt that AI is the future. Companies that want to stay ahead of their competition need to be aware of the current trends and do what is in their customers’ best interest. AI can help improve the quality of the service, reduce any time wasted on unnecessary calls, and offer a personalized experience.

But what do you think? Is there a line that AI should never cross? Should the human interaction still be a core of every business interaction? Can you establish a connection with a company without communicating with the people behind it? Tell us what you think.

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