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Halloween is your opportunity to infuse creative ideas into your marketing campaigns. Many marketers have fun with Halloween marketing ideas and impress their customers into more sales.

Although it is easy to name big brands who have carried out national or even worldwide campaigns, it can be difficult to use these ideas for your own brand. You will gain more actionable inspiration by looking to local campaigns from past years from companies that are sure to rock Halloween again this year.

1. Magic Circle

An artist and designer based in Washington, Magic Circle has gone all out for Halloween this year. Offerings from the brand include apparel, pins, and patches. Additionally, Magic Circle created a new range of these just for Halloween.

To promote the products, the brand has turned to Twitter, changing its profile picture to match the Witch Kitty Holo Sticker. The company is also offering these stickers free with the first 100 orders of anything from the Halloween collection.

2. Innovative Solutions

Another good example is Innovative Solutions–a family-run company from the UK supplying customers with gluten-free products. To gain attention at Halloween, the company is running a large giveaway. All the products in the giveaway either have a Halloween theme or can be used to make Halloween treats. The treats are accompanied by “ghoulish” recipe cards.

3. Wicked Wreath Shop

As a holiday brand, Wicked Wreath Shop had to embrace Halloween. They have managed it well on social media, with a few different marketing ideas.

First, they switched profile pictures to a spooky wreath — one of the company’s top products for Halloween. Next, they set up a giveaway on Twitter, offering the next three customers to purchase a free gift.

To gain additional attention and create a favorable picture of the brand, Wicked Wreath Shop also announced that 10 percent of the proceeds from sales in September would go to the Salvation Army for hurricane relief efforts. Plus, all buyers receive a special coupon for a discount on their next purchase.

4. Early June Shop

This small craft business has incorporated Halloween heavily into its product lines. In addition, rather than just posting pictures of its own products on social media, the brand is sharing content from other sources to provide followers with inspiration on how to include products in a Halloween design.

5. Furry Fursuit Maker

Furry Fursuit Maker is a Dutch designer of furry suits and plush for all types of events. In order to turn attention to Halloween, the brand transformed one of its regular furry paws into a gory paw and posted the result. Followers on social media loved it.

6. Knott’s Scary Farm

Knott’s Berry Farm in Southern California is going through a complete rebranding just for Halloween. It has even changed the name and map of the park. There are separate social media profiles under the name and an entire section of the website is based on Halloween. On social media, as well as information about events, Knott’s Scary Farm is posting photos and videos of those who have already attended and a promotional video intended to terrify.

7. Crazy for Crust

As a small business dedicated to bringing followers unique recipes, Halloween is an unmissable opportunity for Crazy for Crust. So the brand is using this to its advantage by tailoring numerous recipes to the holiday and sharing them on social media.

8. Bar Wrestling

Bar Wrestling in LA created a campaign called This Is Halloween. Not only is the slogan featured in promotional material for every upcoming fight, Bar Wrestling has also changed some pictures of the wrestlers to give them a Halloween touch.

9. Joey Graceffa

Joey Graceffa built his fame around becoming a YouTube star. Since his content doesn’t naturally lend itself to Halloween, he had to get creative. He succeeded by making a hugely popular video of his dogs dressed up for Halloween.

10. Lynnette, Cats & Art

This NYC-based crafter models all her art around cats. This is ideal for Halloween, and she hasn’t missed out. Lynette, Cats & Art is still creating new products and promoting them for a holiday she calls Meowoween.

11. Choccywoccydoodah

This chocolate shop specializes in elaborate creations — all made entirely from chocolate. For Halloween, the store has been redecorated with festive chocolate decor. The result: a combination of spooky and delicious.


Many of the above ideas are simple, showing that there is no need to pour a huge amount of resources into your marketing campaign for it to be effective. If you have a physical store, decorations alone may suffice — just be sure that your customers know about it by posting photos to social media.

If your brand is particularly suited to Halloween, you may be able to launch themed products — giveaways abound on social media because they are so popular and effective. Alternatively, you can try an event (from a full-blown Halloween party to a simple costume contest). At the very least, revamp your website and social media pages, taking inspiration from these small and local brands.

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