9 Apps Every Successful Person Has on Their Phone

9 Apps Every Successful Person Has on Their Phone

9 Apps Every Successful Person Has on Their Phone

A quick Google search will return many lists of “top apps” for “success, “organization,” “CEOs,” “efficiency,” and “uber-smart people” in order to become one of those “ultra-amazing people who manage to do everything all the time.” If you downloaded all of the apps in each list and tried to use them all, you would quickly become overwhelmed and unproductive—the opposite effect the apps are supposed to have.

How, then, are you supposed to figure out which of the countless apps will help you successfully manage your time, talents, tasks, and otherwise harness the power of your smartphone? By taking a look at the habits and trends of successful people, we can learn which habits we need to develop personally and then decide what type of apps can help us become more successful.

Successful People

While many define success in different ways, the general attributes of successful people are the same across the board. Successful people organize and plan, stay up to date, communicate, continue to learn, and take time to relax. And, possibly most importantly, they don’t over complicate.

I’ve rounded up a few apps that fit these criteria for success. Of course there are many apps with similar functionalities as the ones in the list below. But these apps are a good representation of ones that every successful person has on their phone.

Caveat: This overview skips email, Google search, SMS, etc. Those are a given. Successful people should be able to check their email, surf the web, and use their phone as a phone at will.

Organize and Plan

Successful people are organized and efficient. They are responsible with and accountable for their time. They plan ahead and don’t waste in-between time. The following three apps aid organization, planning, and efficiency:

1 – Google Calendar

Google calendar covers your basic calendar needs without getting intense and complicated. It saves information about events such as addresses, phone numbers, and URLs so that you don’t have to go back into your email to find the details of your event.

Additionally, Google Calendar is fully integrated with the other Google apps you use regularly. For example, it automatically creates navigation maps based on the addresses of your upcoming events. It also syncs with Gmail, so adding flights and hotel reservations is quick and easy.

Other more tricked-out calendar apps exist, but I like Google Calendar because it has a nearly perfect blend of functionality and simplicity and is not overloaded with unneeded abilities. It just helps me stay on top of what I need.

2 – Evernote

Evernote enables you to take notes, store files like PDFs and photos, and organize everything to your OCD heart’s content. The app is also completely searchable, including PDFs. You can access your content from any device and create new notes, to-do lists, etc. while offline. You can also share notes, lists, and files with clients and co-workers to prep for a meeting or collaborate on a project.

This is the one app on the list that I actually do not use regularly. I use Google Keep more frequently, simply because I do not have a use for all of the extra features that Evernote boasts. However, for many people, Evernote is brilliant.

3 – Bufferapp

To keep your social media activity organized and maintain your online clout, Bufferapp is the tool to use. Bufferapp for mobile is every bit as good as its desktop counterpart. You can compose tweets, FB and G+ posts, and LinkedIn updates. And you can schedule to Bufferapp from other apps and websites on your phone.

Stay Up to Date

Successful people stay abreast of world and industry events. Today’s world moves at a rapid pace and checking in on news every few days or even once a day will leave you at a disadvantage. To stay up to day with events in any industry, I suggest only one app:

4 – Twitter

Many news apps exist, but for those who cultivate their Twitter following list, don’t binge-follow every person they ever interact with, and keep their news feed free from tweeps who “ate a donut just now,” Twitter is a great tool to learn about trending topics and latest events.

A quick scroll through a well-groomed news feed will quickly show any and all trending news items. There’s no reason to check multiple news apps multiple times each day when Twitter puts it all in one place for you.


Those who are successful communicate clearly and through the most effective channels. They maintain relationships with family, friends, and business associates. They don’t try to have serious conversations via SMS or Facebook, and they don’t schedule conference calls when email communication will do. Of course the communication mediums you use are, in part, dictated by those you’re communicating with—my mother only knows Skype so that’s what we use with her—but these two apps will help you communicate effectively with anyone across the world:

5 – Hangouts

Google Hangouts is one of the most versatile communication apps available. You can send SMS, IM, send photos and videos, and conference/video call for free, and you can call real phone numbers internationally at a very low rate.

6 – Whatsapp

You text your friends and co-workers on a regular basis, which helps keep things casual and quick. Why communicate with your international counterparts any differently? Whatsapp is the most globally popular messaging app with 800 million active users and has no international fees.

Continue to Learn

Continual learning is another vital aspect of success. The smartest people and businesses realize that greater opportunities exist for those that continue to learn and grow in knowledge.

7 – Kindle/Audible

Successful people read. The Kindle app has hundreds of thousands of titles and has many free classics. While there is no substitute for reading, Audible is Kindle’s audio counterpart for those who want to “read” while on the road or on their daily run.

8 – Duolingo

Learning does not always mean reading industry news and innovating your company. Successful people are well-rounded and learn across different industries and disciplines. Learning languages has immense cognitive benefits beyond being able to communicate in a foreign country. Duolingo is one of the best free resources to help you learn a new language.

Take Time to Relax

Earlier I said that successful people don’t waste in-between time. This doesn’t mean that successful people are wired so tight that they don’t take time to relax. Unwinding and changing modes are vital habits of successful people.

9 – Trivia Crack

Trivia Crack is a fun outlet for all—not just trivia buffs. This app doubles as a social app that keeps you connected with others, and you’ll learn some interesting tidbits along the way.

The one thing to remember with game apps: Don’t let them become a time suck. 2048 and Angry Birds are fun puzzles that require critical analysis, but they are also highly addicting and can take away from more important habits for success such as reading and connecting with people.


The apps in this list are not brand new or revolutionary. In addition, different people will find different apps useful in their quest for success. The apps in this article should act as guideposts as you decide what you need to become more successful.

Remember that successful people don’t over complicate. A lot of “the best apps” lists contain apps that have way more bells and whistles than the average person needs. Each app with all of its features fits some people and not others. You have to figure out what features you want and then find the app to match.

What apps are vital to your success and why?

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