7 New Adwords Features You Should Be Using Today

7 New Adwords Features You Should Be Using Today

7 New Adwords Features You Should Be Using Today

Google Adwords is a must for anyone that is looking to make an impression in the digital advertising world.  Adwords continues to improve upon their features, and are always introducing new features in order to keep up with the constantly evolving digital space.  To get the most from your Adwords account, you should be using these seven features.

Google Adwords Editor

Obviously if you’re using Google Adwords you will be using their editor, but you could be slowing yourself down if you aren’t using the desktop Adwords editor.  Not only is the desktop version much faster and more stable than the cloud version, if you’re shifting between accounts you’ll notice that the desktop version allows you to hop from account to account without much hassle.  This is great for anyone that has to manage multiple accounts in a given day.  In addition, Google Adwords editor had a major overhaul of its layout in 2014, making it much more streamlined for a modern marketing audience.

New Designer for HTML5 Ads

Once mobile sites became an important part of the Internet experience, online advertising shifted from the use of Flash, which is unsupported by mobile carriers, to HTML5, which is supported by mobile phone web browsers.  With the revamped web designer for HTML5, users can create the interactive ads that they were used to creating in Flash, but now these ads will be able to reach the mobile user.

Customer Match

Following in the footsteps of Facebook’s Custom Audiences and Twitter’s Tailored Audiences, Adwords now has Customer Match.  In their announcement about this feature, Google states: “70% of online consumers agree that the quality, timing, and relevance of a brand’s message influences their perception of a brand.”

With customer match, advertisers can upload a list of email addresses which can be matched with other users that have a similar profile.

Advertisers can then build campaigns targeted at those audiences that include and/or match those uploaded to the list.  This allows advertisers to deliver the right message to the right audience, and be highly targeted in their advertising efforts.

App Promotion Ads

As our phones have recently turned into mini computers, they are fast taking the place of our standard web browsers on laptops or desktop computers.  Because of this, a lot of companies have moved to apps that consumers can download straight to their phone for easy navigation.

App promotion ads show up on mobile browsers and have buttons that will take your audience straight to where they can download your app to their phone.  These can show up on Google searches and on Youtube ads and anywhere else on the Google Display Network.

Distribute Video Ads

Pre-roll ads, those quick ads you can skip ahead of a Youtube video, are a great way for advertisers to garner impressions on one of the most popular websites on the web.  Thanks to the Google Display Network, the impressions don’t just stop there; your video ads can now be distributed to online blogs, newspaper articles, and millions of other websites.

Include Extensions in Ads

One of the most underused features of Google Adwords are the extensions that you have at your disposal.  These extensions allow extra interactivity to your ads and can increase your impressions.  With these extensions, you can add click-to-call buttons, location information, or even snippets to reviews of your services.  These are great for getting the most out of your targeted ads.

Ad Customization

The technology of advertising has increased so much, that you can now tailor what your ad looks like by the search terms it is targeting.  This allows you to make targeted ads even more targeted by fine-tuning the text that appears in the ad.  You can use this feature to add limited time offers and other impression-based offers.

Keeping up with the features offered by Adwords can help improve the performance of your ads and keep you ahead of your competitors.  Investing time and energy into optimizing your campaigns with this new feature is fundamental in continuing to maximizing your ROI.

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