5 Tell-Tale Signs Your Blog Needs a Little TLC

5 Tell-Tale Signs Your Blog Needs a Little TLC

5 Tell-Tale Signs Your Blog Needs a Little TLC

It was love at first site—that first time you launched your company blog, you knew it was going to last, and you were committed. The first few years were great; you carefully crafted every article, posted regularly, and even shared content on social media.

But now, with all of the other demands on your time (most of which have a more immediate effect on your bottom line), it’s hard to pay as much attention to your blog as you used to. It’s not new and exciting anymore, and you’ve neglected that one-on-one time you once enjoyed so much.

Though it’s not a sellable product, a blog is a valuable tool for gaining loyal customers. Don’t take it for granted; without consistent attention, it may very well leave you and your company in the dust.

Here are 5 signs your blog may need a little tender loving care.

1. Your blog doesn’t accurately reflect your company

Your blog used to be fresh, fun, and reflect exactly what your company stood for. But over the years your blog has let itself go—and it’s your fault.

Maybe you’ve gotten sloppy with the grammar on your writing blog. Maybe you started adding pictures of puppies and kittens to your law blog because you think it will soften your image and attract customers. If your blog doesn’t reflect the culture of your business, you’ll leave visitors confused, frustrated, and frantically hitting the “Back” button. Twitter bird icon

TLC Tip: It’s time for a mega blog makeover. Remember that the true beauty of a blog is in how well it reflects your company. Remove anything from your blog that doesn’t exhibit your company’s purpose and culture. Make sure your images are relevant and appealing, create an appropriate design, and use only the most helpful content for your intended customers.

2. You’ve lost sight of the purpose

After months or (cringe) years of ignoring your blog, you’ve lost that spark and you’ve forgotten what attracted you to creating a blog in the first place. Lately, you’ve been choosing topics at random from whatever strikes your fancy. There’s no cohesion, and it feels like you’re just going through the motions.

TLC Tip: You need to remember what brought you together in the first place: your customers. Why do people visit blogs? Because they want answers to their questions, solutions to their problems, and ways to make their lives a little better. Twitter bird icon Your blog should be a valuable source of expert information and solutions.

Carve out some time with your blog to reflect on what you can offer your customers. Why would they want to visit your site? What solutions can you offer them? Narrow your focus, and cut out anything that doesn’t reflect that focus.

3. You’re not seeing an increase in traffic

When you and your blog started out, you had big plans. You used dream about being THE go-to site that made all the other blogs jealous. But Google Analytics shows that the percent of new visitors to your blog is consistently low and the bounce rate high.

TLC Tip: Have regular posting dates. The more indexed pages you have, the more Google will crawl your site and the higher the chance your site has of appearing in organic searches. Spend sufficient time producing valuable content, create a consistent posting schedule, and stick to it.

Of course, TLC tips 1 and 2 will increase traffic as well. A well-designed blog that is reflective of your company will attract readers, and once readers associate your ingenious tips and advice with your company, they’ll start visiting your site regularly.

4. Your visitor-to-lead conversion rate is woefully low

You know your blog is great. You’re always telling your friends how awesome it is and singing its praises in public. But, somehow, you’re not seeing many conversions. An average of 16% of your visitors, depending on your industry, should become leads. Twitter bird icon If your conversion rate is consistently lower than this, it’s time to make a change.

TLC Tip: A little less talk, a little more action. Call-to-action, that is. Each post is an opportunity to generate leads, so include an inviting call-to-action in every one.

The most effective calls-to-action offer free information, opportunities, rewards, etc. Make your calls-to-action obvious, relevant, and valuable enough that readers will gladly exchange their information for what you’re offering.

5. You’re not ranking

Your blog used to consistently appear on the first or second SERP. Now it seems distant, and with some searches you have a hard time finding it at all. There are many factors that can affect your ranking, but at the end of the day, reputable and relevant sites are the ones that make it to the top.

TLC Tip: We’ve already talked about making your site relevant; to become reputable, take advantage of social media. It only works if it’s used often, so post links to every article, engage in conversation with readers and followers, and promote others. Social media is not just about tooting your own horn. It’s about creating real, lasting connections with other people and companies.

There may be extreme cases where things just aren’t working with your blog, and you need to call it quits and move on. But even the most run-down blogs can usually be saved with some hard work and a little TLC. Spend some quality time rekindling yours, and you’ll soon see your efforts rewarded in an increase in sales and loyal customers.

What tips do you have for reviving a blog?

Lauren Truman
[email protected]