301 Redirect: Why You Should Use a 301 Redirect

301 Redirect: Why You Should Use a 301 Redirect

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With all the time and money you spend on marketing your website, would it trouble you to know that because of some simple settings on your website some of that effort is wasted? If your site does not have the 301 redirects it needs, a lot of your SEO is going down the drain.

A recent note from David Malmborg at SEO.com states “However, I am a believer that you are rewarded for making their (spiders) job easier. There are other ways to help the Google and Bing know which version of the site is correct — Webmaster Tools being one. However, nothing is more telling to the search engine then the 301 redirect. Why make the search engines guess?”

What Is A 301 Redirect And How Can It Help Your Website?

If you want to see an excellent example of a 301 redirect, we have a client who just implemented a 301 perfectly. He had two domain names for his web site www.pulseoxstore.com and www.coopermedical.com. We decided that the preferred domain, and the one that would help with his SEO the greatest, was www.pulseoxstore.com. So he 301 redirected www.coopermedical.com to www.pulseoxstore.com. For a demonstration, input www.coopermedical.com into the address bar of your browser. You will find that it takes you to the cooper medical supplies’ website but when you look back to the address bar you will see that you have been redirected to www.pulseoxstore.com.te

Otherwise known as a “permanent” redirect, a 301 redirect permanently redirects one URL to another. In SEO terms, a 301 redirect sends the search engine from one domain to the one that the business prefers. It is a way of standardizing as well as letting search engines know that the page they were going to has moved to a new URL.

301 Redirect On Your Website

So understanding that your www.newsite.com is running along you might ask yourself “what more can I do?” You can type into the URL bar newsite.com and www.newsite.com and each will take you to your site. It would be best if newsite.com was 301 redirected to www.newsite.com.

Who You Should Tell About Your Website 301 Redirect

You should tell Google Webmaster Tools about your redirect. After you set up and login to Google Webmaster tools on the left side of the page, select: Site configuration> Change of address. You will have to go through a few steps but it will help you and your website.

Why a 301 Redirect Is Good To Understand

If your old site is not that old, the impact of moving to the new site isn’t that big. If however your old site has page rank and links and has been around a while, changing to a new site can be as devastating as moving to a new building or getting a new phone number. Using a 301 redirect is kind of like forwarding your mail. All of the links and credibility you have built up over the years does not have to be lost when you move to a new website. Proper use of the 301 redirect can help bring most of that valuable history with you to the new site. Without it you are starting over from scratch.

For all those who are wondering how to do a 301 redirect the best advice that I can give you is to call your host provider. They will be able to give you specific instructions on how to do it or even do it for you if you are nice.

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