3 Effective Ways To Use Off-Page SEO for Marketing Your Business

3 Effective Ways To Use Off-Page SEO for Marketing Your Business

3 Effective Ways To Use Off-Page SEO for Marketing Your Business

While it is very easy to manage your on-page search engine optimization endeavors and results, handling off-page SEO can prove more difficult, as it requires constructing rapports with other websites. Appealing and motivating content is needed to draw in backlinks from high ranking, quality websites.

This whole link-building process is the core of an off-page SEO strategy. Experts in San Diego SEO have shared 3 effective ways to use off-page SEO to market your business.

Quality Links Matter More Than Quantity

There are countless tools that assist you in finding out who is already linking to you. Determining the backlinks you are receiving is a vital part of how a search engine will rank you. It is much better to have a low quantity of quality links, than to have a large quantity of useless links.

Focusing on reputable websites will ensure that your website has greater exposure. However, with marketing in mind, it is equally important to build relationships with smaller websites with good reputations.

Although it may seem that having many sites linking back would be a good idea, it is not. There is nothing wrong with working with directories, classified ads, and bookmarking submissions, as long as the SEO experts don’t overdo it. Search engines like Google can even penalize your website if it is getting an unusual number of backlinks.

Use Keyword-rich Anchor Text

It is essential to use the right kind of anchor text, based on major keywords, to help your website rank higher.

The best strategy is to directly ask other websites to build a link to your website based on keyword-rich anchor text. For example, if you have a flooring and carpeting business, you can reach out to a paint website and ask them to link to your website whenever they mention carpet or flooring in posts on their blog.

Some people practice the black-hat SEO strategy of buying backlinks, but Google hates this as a practice and will immediately penalize websites caught doing so. It can even blacklist your website.

Social Media

Sharing good, quality content on social media is another effective strategy used by San Diego SEO Agency. Social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn allow your content to become quite trendy. In fact, recent studies have determined that your number of social followers, and your activity on social media, is a major ranking factor within search engines. Engaging brand managers on social media can help open up ways for you to gain customers. Ensuring that your users share your posts can also be very influential.  To help maximize content sharing via social media, be sure to add social media sharing buttons next to your content.

In conclusion, employing off page SEO tactics is imperative to your overall approach toward marketing your business.

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