10 Boostability Posts in 2016 That Marketers Can Learn From

10 Boostability Posts in 2016 That Marketers Can Learn From

10 Boostability Posts in 2016 That Marketers Can Learn From

2016 was a busy year for planet Earth. America elected a new President, Kim Kardashian and Kayne West didn’t split up, and dozens upon dozens of marketing announcements and strategies changed the way businesses did their online marketing.

In this article, I’m going to list our top 10 most popular posts on the Boostability blog in 2016, in terms of views and engagement that marketers cared about.

1. Donald Trump and Twitter

2016’s President-elect caused a great stir for a number of reasons. For business owners and marketers, however, it truly showed the power social media has over more traditional media.

You can read our Donald Trump: The King of Social Media Branding article to gather useful insights on how to brand your business on social media.

2. Google updates the keyword planner

Just when marketers were getting to grips with SEO, Google (being Google) decided it was time to throw us another curve ball by updating their Keyword Planner.

You can read our Major Changes to Google Keywords blog post and see how you can plan your SEO strategy going forward.

3. Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go was an innovative app that revealed the future of marketing for bricks and mortar businesses.

While declining in users in 2017, during its peak Pokemon Go was a great example of how bricks and mortar businesses can piggy-back online trends to grow their business.

Read our Pokemon Go and Your Social Marketing Strategy blog post to learn how local businesses used Pokemon Go to drive more foot traffic.

4. Do we still need to build links for SEO?

With a plethora of Google search algorithm updates in 2016, some marketers would tell you that link-building isn’t as useful as it once was.  Others would insist it’s the most important thing to SEO.

Is it, or isn’t it?

Account strategist Drew Whitmill tells the world Why Link Building Still Matters in SEO with some cool insights.

5. How to brand a business for free

As competitors in the marketplace increase, and products and services become similar, in many cases it’s not what you sell, but how consumers view your brand.

We are led to believe that branding costs a lot of money, but Skye Larsen in her post, Branding on a Budget: Market Your Personal Business without Paying a Penny, reveals how small business owners can brand for free.

6. Motivational quotes

Every year millions of people (me included) set personal and business-related resolutions. The first few weeks in January is also the time you see dozens of motivational quotes and images pop up on social media.

A post that got a lot of attention last year was 6 Quotes for Promoting Creativity and Innovation as a Manager. Charge yourself up by reading motivational quotes from the CEO of Netflix and Amazon.

7. Playing games is good for business

Would you love a PlayStation or Xbox in your office?

It may, in fact, improve your business and skills if you play the right games.

Read Thaddaeus’ quirky blog post, 3 Job Skills I Gained While Playing Dungeons and Dragons  to learn how playing games is good for business.  Or forward it to your boss in the hope they put a gaming console in the office.

8. Facebook post changes

Yup, I couldn’t have made a list of informative blog posts in 2016 without listing at least one Facebook update.

Early last year, Facebook introduced the ability for businesses to set up a number of advert types which you can learn about in the How to Set up Slideshow, Carousel, and Canvas Posts on Facebook.

9. Content improvements

Would you like to know how to optimize your content and drive more traffic?

If you’re like every other business owner then I’m guessing the answer is YES!

Michael Peggs tells you how to do exactly that in his post, How to Optimize Your Content and Drive Traffic.

Google AdWords update

Arguably the biggest, AdWords update of 2016 was Google’s announcement of expanded text ads and how they differ from their old ad units.

If you run PPC campaigns and aren’t aware of the update, read our Google Updated Its Expanded Text Ads – Here’s What You Need To Know blog post.

Your turn

What was your favorite or most useful Boostability blog post in 2016? Leave a comment below letting us know.

Harvie Singh
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