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We provide SEO services to many different types of businesses, including online stores, local shops, and service professionals. Take a look at what some of our customers have to say about our service and see how we have successfully boosted a business like yours.

Online Business

I have been signed up with Boostability for less than two months and already I am on the first page of Google results! Way ahead of schedule. I have been trying to build links on my own for months but it took too much time...Best investment in marketing ever. Thanks Boost!


I recently started working with Boostability to help the ranking of my website. In the short time we've worked together, Michael, my Boostability advisor, has been extremely helpful in his explanations about what needed to be done to increase my search ranking. His knowledge has been extensive but he always takes the time to make sure that I understand what he is doing and what I should expect from his changes.

- Derrick L,

I appreciate the work you and your team are doing! We hit the first page for "ATM Machine" last month for the first time ever! Good stuff!

- Jordan P,

Local Business

[Boostability] has been better than I could have ever imagined...I'm sincerely appreciative. I'm a small business guy, but man I feel big comparatively because of what they're doing for me!

- Steve G

When I signed up for Boostability I had no idea what I was getting. I soon discovered that I had a support team that answered all of my questions, which were numerous, with clarity and thoroughness. My representative has helped me immeasurably with my questions. Its like having an SEO professional consultant at your finger tips. You will really get your money's worth with this service.


Having a website and optimization was all new to us. We are very thankful of everyone at Boostability for explaining everything and helping us along the way. As business owners we deal with several companies, Boostability has BY FAR the best customer service we have experienced. Mainly we have worked with Colt M. and Lyle- these guys are the best! Aside from the outstanding customer service, they make optimization simple, and it truly works by helping us show up on major search engines. We recommend Boostability to anyone looking for help with Internet optimization.


The keyword ranking and placement of my site within Google Maps has definitely increased, which is great...I appreciate all your work..

- David S,

That meta tag change [Boostability] did to my site boosted me from nowhere on Google for ‘patent drawings' ‘patent drafting' and ‘patent drafting' search terms to mid-page 2 almost overnight. That's impressive. More impressive perhaps is ‘patent draftsman' on Google. We are the #1 result for that term on Google.

- Peter C,

Initially we took the money we were putting into pay per click (PPC) advertising to try Boostability's SEO and after only 2 months we surpassed the traffic generated by PPC. Our website traffic doubled in the first year and has steadily increased month over month. We are now ahead of other car dealerships in our area that spend thousands in PPC and SEO every month. We cut out Boostability for about 2 months and noticed that we retained our current traffic but we were not progressing. After notifying the dealer, we immediately signed back on and continue our climb. It's the steady tortoise (SEO) that wins the race and not always the rabbit (PPC).

- Thomas A,

I went through NUMEROUS SEO companies and spent quite a bit of money and rarely ever received any results. It seems as though they all promised the moon and it never came through. Boostability came through and delivered to get my website high in the search ranking. My phone calls have tripled and business has greatly increased since Boostability has been working in my favor. Needless to say, I would recommend Boostability to anyone out there that needs to increase their visibility and business! The staff is great and they know what how to make things happen.

- Julia M

...When I typed in hotel Pittsburgh PA, my Inn was [ranked] between 70 and 100. Boostability worked on my Google “organic-ness” and in a few days I was coming up number 1 in my hotel searches. And this has been consistent since...All I can say is I am extremely pleased with their professionalism and what they did for my web site.

- Ed M,

Service Professionals

I started with Boostability about four months ago. I am so glad I did. Lyle really explained what to expect and how the services are rendered. I was able to follow my ranking all the way up to the front page for both of my sites. This is so interesting to see sites progressively pass by the competition and find their way to the top. Without Boostability I don't see how I would have made it this far. They have freed up not only more time and headache but also all the worry and guesswork out of, "How do I get up there and stay at the top of Google?" It's very simple. Go with Boostability and you will be thanking everyone!!!

- Jeff Robertson, CEO/President,

What can I say, results, that's the name of the game; and that's what they deliver, results that make a difference. Thanks Boostability.

- Robert D,

Not a Business

I am absolutely blown away to see my site #1 on Bing and #2 on Google today. I have to say, I was skeptical about trying to do anything like this, but you guys know your business. Thank you!

- Rick J,


Flagship Specialized Shippers is a national, international boat transport company and have been with Boostability for three months now. My site was riding on the second and third page of google for most key word phrases a potential shipper would use and the phone was not ringing. After only three months and a very reasonable monthly budget our site is on the front page of google with just about any key words in the boat transporting word you may use. I find Boostability very accommodating and reasonable for the additional traffic my site now has. If you are in an Internet based business you can't afford not to use them! Thanks David and the entire Boost staff.

- Flagship Specialized Shippers,

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