Search Engine Optimization

Local Search

The Internet Is Not Just for Websites

Search engines are among the most effective places for offline businesses or brick and mortar stores to be found.

SEO is not limited to “online only” businesses. It is also a very important marketing tool for every local business with a physical location or local service. Local listings sites like Google Places are replacing the phone book and becoming the most meaningful places for a business to be listed. With a good SEO strategy, your business can rank high and achieve better visibility for your business category.

According to ConStat, 70% of U.S. Households use the Internet when shopping locally for products and services. Search engines now account for the user's location when determining what results to display, which can help you with your geo targeted marketing. When a location or service is identified in a normal search query, a large portion of the results page will contain local results. About 20% of Google searches are related to location. That comes out to about 3 billion local searches each month.

With so many people searching online for local businesses like yours, can your business afford to be invisible online?

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