Company History

Our story thus far...

Boostability was created in January 2009 with the idea of creating affordable and effective SEO services for the small business marketplace. This was a revolutionary concept because SEO companies in general have avoided marketing to small businesses because they were not able to provide an effective service for the budgets that small businesses could afford and they were not able to deliver a scalable service that was profitable. Boostability founders saw this challenge as a tremendous opportunity, they set out to do what no SEO company has been able to do, deliver cost effective SEO services that produce results.

A talented team was assembled to develop a technology that would revolutionize the industry. The goal of the technology was to take a factory line approach to SEO fulfillment. The key to the technology is that it divides the workload among a group of specialists that are really good at one key component of SEO. The technology pinpoints the work that is ideal for each unique business and then gives the specialist step by step instructions so that they only do the work that needs to be done. The system then tracks the work performed by each specialist so that an account manager can easily see the work that has been done and the progress that the business is making. This has allowed Boostability to offer SEO services at an hourly rate that is a fraction of what other SEO companies charged.

In addition to streamlining the SEO fulfillment process our founders wanted to provide our customers and partners transparency. We wanted our customers to see the work we were doing as well as the progress they were making and be accountable for the work we were doing.

After a year of work the technology was completed and we began to market our services directly to businesses. A sales team was put in place that would quickly learn how to present and sell successfully and the company began to grow. We grew out of our first office with just over 13 employees in April 2010. From April 2010 to Nov 2010, we hired just over 30 new people into the company.

With our technology and our ability to market, sell and provide exceptional SEO services we began to attract partners that wanted to provide SEO services to their clients. Our founders had the foresight to incorporate into our technology a partner friendly platform that would allow our partners unprecedented access and insight into their clients’ accounts. We were able to share with our partners everything we learned about selling SEO to small businesses as well a scalable way for them to offer and provide SEO services.

The vision of our founders of providing small businesses affordable and effective SEO services is now being realized in an amazing way. As of December 2012 we reached more than 175 full time employees and hundreds of part time employees. We are considered to be the premier small business fulfillment service in the industry and our growth and profitability continues to climb at a phenomenal pace.

The future looks even brighter.